There must be a word

For that feeling when you discover that a really thick book, one filled with lots of scary new words is much shorter than it first appears. 

I can’t be the only one that checks to see exactly how many pages I have to read of a particular book, so why isn’t there a word. Relief doesn’t really seem to cover it, there is much more of a celebratory quality to it in my opinion.

The book that prompted this post is about Otto Weininger, a Viennese gentleman who wrote an anti-Semitic and misogynisic text called ‘Sex and Character’ around 1903. Then he killed himself shortly afterwards in his early twenties. I’m on page 4 and this is all I know so far. Only 154 pages to go.

I have two other books on the go at the same time, so I can switch between this without having to focus on one thing all day (too tiresome). One is a psychoanalytic study of witchcraft in early modern England focusing on the maternal origins of the aggression towards witches. I came across a brief synopsis somewhere and the ideas suggested in it were startlingly similar to Chadwick’s. However Chadwick doesn’t get a mention anywhere, it’s all based on Kleinian theory. Very interesting considering Klein and Chadwick’s ishoos (Yes necessary, no, not sorry for spelling it like that). 


The other book I am dragging myself through is volume one of Havelock Ellis’s ‘Study in the Psychology of Sex’. Very interesting but no coherent narrative as such and mostly composed of source material from others, especially anthropologists. Very very relevant though, as it deals with periodicity and menstruation, a rich source of further reading and ideas.


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