Advice to married women 1946

imageSo I was in my local second hand shop and spotted a jumble of old papers on top of a chest of drawers. Turned out to be a mishmash of household information type pamphlets from the 1930s to the 1950s. Real random mix of stuff. This was in there “Advice to Married Women” published in 1946 by the London Medical Manufacturing Company and priced at sixpence. Amusingly it contains adverts not just for the birth control pessary they are marketing but also an anti-rupture truss and treatment for varicose veins.

I love finding these things, they are so often thrown away or lost but they can tell us so much about the past.



This is my workspace. When the house was built in 1912 it was a kitchen, with a window at the back. When we moved in it was a bathroom. The bathroom was relocated back upstairs and this space became a junk room and then my husband’s home office. When I went mad (literally bonkers) last year, my husband ceded this space to me and made the corner desk and bookshelves for me. We can’t find a door to fit so the curtain sort of works for now.


Better view

And from the other side……


Why yes, I am not a very tidy person at all, how can you tell?